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About us

'Rackhams' is a name synonymous with service and quality throughout the world of floor coverings. Bucking the industry trend, we remain a completely independent company, much to the delight of our regular customers. With a colourful history stretching back to 1935, we have seen many, many changes both in our trade, and in the world around us. Learning from those changes has been the cornerstone of our continued success, and whilst of course, things are completely different when compared to the thirties, there are numerous changes and improvements in our products and our service levels, even from just one year ago!

We have developed our base in Highams Park, East London into our modern efficient headquarters by investing consistently in both equipment and personnel. The latest cutting equipment means our Carpet Cuts are beautifully presented and packaged. We can stock a complete selection of supporting products be they Carpet tiles, Cushion floor Vinyl, Entrance Matting and all the relavent accessories to fulfill our customers needs.

The big change in recent years is the development of the Rackhams 'brand'. Assisted by some new marketing assistance and the emergence of 'Ralph' the Rackhams Ram, our name is fast becoming one of the brands of choice for retail customers looking for an assurance of quality. Backed up by a comprehensive next day delivery service, Rackhams products have become the right choice for both trade customers and for the end user to specify.

We have a team of dedicated salesmen and women, both on the road visiting customers and based in our sales office dealing directly with customers enquiries. Our team are bright and knowledgeable and it's rare that they are posed a question they cannot answer.

A combination of history, innovation, service, product choice and presentation make Rackhams the right choice for everybody, browse our website and you'll find out why!